Autism Assessments

Autism Assessments

Autism Assessment

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is characterized by a diverse range of strengths and challenges. Bowyer Psychology’s Autism assessments are designed to capture this breadth, offering insights into communication, social interactions, and repetitive behaviours.

Seeking an Expert in Autism Assessments

The journey to understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) necessitates deep knowledge and sensitivity to the individual experiences of those on the spectrum. Choosing the right psychologist for autism assessment is paramount. At Bowyer Psychology, our dedication to accurate and compassionate evaluations makes us a trusted choice for families and individuals throughout Perth. Our autism clinical psychologists possess a deep understanding of ASD’s multifaceted nature, ensuring that every assessment is both comprehensive and tailored to the individual.

Key Components of Autism Assessment

  • Detailed behavioural observations and clinical interviews
  • Standardized tools to assess social and communicative skills
  • Exploration of sensory sensitivities and strengths

Benefits of a Psychologist Autism Assessment

  • Clarified understanding of an individual’s position on the spectrum
  • Recommendations for specialized support and interventions
  • Insight into associated cognitive and emotional facets

Building an Action Plan

A diagnosis can be a significant milestone, but it’s just the starting point. Once an autism assessment is completed, the real work of understanding and supporting begins. Our neuropsychologists specialising in autism assessments ensure that individuals and families are equipped with practical strategies and insights to navigate life on the spectrum. We believe in empowering those we work with, emphasising their strengths while providing tools to address challenges.


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